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From left to right: Dad, brother Justin, Me, cousin Melody

My story...experienced by Tyla Taylor
I've been fortunate enough to be involved with and learn from some of the most talented musicians Dallas has to offer.
It all started on the hearth of my childhood home in Mesquite, Texas.  Although, I was never actually a 'Skeeter', like my grandparents, my parents and my brother...and I moved to Carrollton, TX when I was very young, I claim Mesquite as "the place I grew up".

As a child between the ages of 6-8, I would put a Crystal Gayle or Linda Ronstadt ALBUM on the turn table, stand on my hearth with my jump rope in hand (my Mic) and perform the entire album, both sides, at least twice.
My parents and my older brother were big musical influences for me.  My Dad played guitar and sang with Mom beside him singing harmony.  Mom grew up playing gospel songs on piano at the churches where her Daddy would preach.  Brother played a little drums in the living room and a little guitar.  I sang.
From the time I was old enough to sing it's ALL I EVER wanted to do.  But, it wasn't until I was 22 that I ever really tried to seek out the opportunity to sing live.  That's when a very patient man by the name of Robert Lee Kobb came into my life and gave me the chance I had so wanted.  I say 'patient' because when I started trying to perform live I was really BAD!  But Robert Lee taught me the ropes of the business and lucky for me, my local music career had begun.  
My hope is that I've been able to touch people emotionally - the way I have been touched by music.  If I have been able to do THAT, then it's all been worth it. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to do what I love to do, and for the folks who listen!


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